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NOW LONDON Prince of Wales Theatre
1/21/14-5/11/14 LOS ANGELES Pantages Theatre
4/1/14-4/27/14 BOSTON Boston Opera House
4/29/14-5/11/14 PROVIDENCE Providence PAC
5/13/14-5/25/14 COLUMBUS Ohio Theatre
5/13/14-5/25/14 COSTA MESA Segerstrom Center for the Arts
5/27/14-6/8/14 SAN DIEGO Civic Theatre
5/27/14-6/8/14 LOUISVILLE Kentucky Center
6/10/14-6/15/14 EAST LANSING Wharton Center
6/10/14-7/6/14 LAS VEGAS The Smith Center
6/17/14-6/22/14 INDIANAPOLIS Old National Center
6/24/14-6/29/14 MEMPHIS The Orpheum Theatre
7/1/14-7/13/14 DETROIT The Opera House
7/8/14-7/20/14 PORTLAND Keller Auditorium On Sale TBD
7/15/14-7/27/14 OTTAWA National Arts Centre On Sale TBD
7/22/14-8/10/14 SEATTLE Paramount On Sale TBD
7/29/14-9/14/14 PHILADELPHIA The Forrest Theatre
8/12/14-8/17/14 SPOKANE Symphony Hall On Sale TBD
8/19/14-9/14/14 MINNEAPOLIS The Orpheum Theatre On Sale TBD
9/16/14-11/30/14 TORONTO Princess of Wales On Sale TBD
11/11/14-11/16/14 GREENVILLE Peace Center On Sale TBD
12/2/14-12/7/14 MONTREAL Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier On Sale TBD
12/16/14-12/21/14 TOLEDO The Stranahan On Sale TBD
1/20/15-2/1/15 TAMPA Straz Center On Sale TBD
1/20/15-2/8/15 HOUSTON The Hobby Center On Sale TBD
2/10/15-2/22/15 DALLAS Winspear Opera House On Sale TBD
2/24/15-3/8/15 KANSAS CITY The Music Hall On Sale TBD
2/24/15-5/17/15 CHICAGO Bank of America Theatre On Sale TBD
3/10/15-3/15/15 MADISON Overture Center On Sale TBD
3/17/15-3/22/15 WINNIPEG Centennial Concert Hall On Sale TBD
3/24/15-3/29/15 EDMONTON Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium On Sale TBD
3/31/15-4/5/15 CALGARY Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium On Sale TBD
4/7/15-4/12/15 VANCOUVER Queen Elizabeth Theatre On Sale TBD
5/19/15-5/31/15 MILWAUKEE Marcus Center On Sale TBD
7/28/15-8/9/15 SALT LAKE CITY The Capitol Theatre On Sale TBD
8/11/15-9/13/15 DENVER Buell Theatre
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